Our Sizing Works For "ALL" Girls

Our Sizing Works For "ALL" Girls

I started Wonderfully Made Clothing Co. because of my daughter's limited clothing options. Ruthie has Down syndrome, but she also has hypothyroidism. Ruthie is an active and healthy little girl, but her metabolism just doesn't cooperate in burning enough calories. 


She started sizing out of our favorite clothing lines in second grade. This made me so sad. I wanted to continue to dress her like a little girl, but we didn't have many options. The few options that I found were in the "plus-size" range, but the designs and fabrics were just not very flattering. Most of them looked like they were designed for adults and the fabrics were poor quality, so I decided to create our own clothing line, Wonderfully Made Clothing Co., so that ALL girls could have beautiful clothing. 

Early on I was in a dilemma about how we would classify our sizing. I wasn't comfortable with the terminology, "plus-size", because I didn't want to label young girls. I realized as a mom who had searched for that particular size range that plus-size was the only terminology available in the search engines to describe the sizes Ruthie needed. I decided that if I had to use it in the search engines then that would be the only place so that at least people who were searching for that particular size range could find our clothing.

Our sizing is fresh and unique because it does work for all girls. Our size range for our current collection is 8-16, and with our next release, we will also offer sizes 18-20. We have found that our wonderfully-made sizing works for all girls because of our fit. We've allowed for extra room so that all girls can be accommodated. Some find that they need to size down in some of our pieces while others can wear their typical size.


We started from scratch...our designs, our patterns, and our sizing to give ALL girls the opportunity to wear clothing that they can feel confident in. Our clothing fills a void in the children's fashion industry by offering sizing that is inclusive. I am a mom who knows how it feels to dread a special occasion because of a clothing challenge and search the internet for anything that might work for your daughter. It's a desperate feeling. I have always wanted Ruthie to look her best and to feel confident in her clothing, and it was frustrating not to be able to find pieces that would work. We are on a mission to create collections that solve this problem so that ALL girls can confidently and comfortably wear their clothing. All girls are wonderfully made!


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