On August 10, 2007, our daughter, Ruthie, was born. My arms were shaking as they gave her to me, but as I held her tightly, I realized that our baby girl was perfect. In these first moments with her, my limited understanding of perfection would begin to change. While looking into Ruthie’s perfectly created almond-shaped eyes, I thought of Psalm 139:14, "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made."

As Ruthie has gotten older, finding the right clothing has become a challenge. She sized out of our favorite clothing lines at an early age, which left me with very limited options. I decided to try and solve a problem that many of us share, and this is where Wonderfully Made Clothing Co. began. I understand the challenge of trying to find clothing for our girls that simply does not exist. Wonderfully Made Clothing Co. is unique because our clothing is designed for girls who need a little more from their clothing. We are a small company committed to creating the best designs and fit for our “wonderfully made” girls.

We also offer a selective collection of other brands in women's sizing, specifically focusing on pieces that are functional and flattering for all of us. It is a privilege to serve our incredible customers by offering a variety of collections that makes shopping a little easier.