On August 10, 2007, our daughter, Ruthie, was born. My arms were shaking as they gave her to me, but as I held her tightly, I realized that even with a Down syndrome diagnosis, our baby girl was perfect. In these first moments with her, my limited understanding of perfection would begin to change. While looking into Ruthie’s perfectly created almond-shaped eyes, I thought of Psalm139:14, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

As Ruthie got older, finding the right clothing became a challenge. She sized out of our favorite clothing lines at an early age, which left me with very limited options. I decided to try and solve a problem that many of us share, and this is where Wonderfully Made Clothing Co. began. We created custom designs for young ladies in sizes 8-20 who need a little more from their clothing than what most of the tween ready-to-wear brands offer.

The Ruthie Edmonds CrossingPoints Endowed Scholarship at The University of Alabama

Our world is opening up for people with cognitive disabilities, and we are so encouraged by the number of incredible universities that offer post-secondary programs for our amazing students. Students with intellectual disabilities do not have access to as much financial assistance and scholarships as their typical peers do, so with the profits of Wonderfully Made Clothing Co., we created The Ruthie Edmonds CrossingPoints Endowed Scholarship at The University of Alabama. Each month we give a portion of our profit to our endowment so that one day a “wonderfully-made” student’s dream of being a part of an inclusive college experience will become a reality.

The Storefront in Tuscaloosa, AL

In August of 2020 our storefront opened in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. My mission evolved from only offering our custom designs to offering sizing from other brands for our girls in “Junior” sizing as well as for women in sizes XS-3XL. We carefully select classic but on-trend styles that we hope will include most young ladies and women. Because of my journey with Ruthie, I know how difficult and frustrating it is to find clothing that fits and looks the way we hope it will. We pray that our storefront is a happy and comfortable place for all of us to shop.

Sensory Friendly Shopping by Appointment

We also offer “Sensory Friendly Shopping” appointments for our young ladies who have sensory challenges. Our Sensory Friendly Shopping is available by appointment only from 9:00-10:45 on Saturday. During this time our storefront is closed to the public, which allows us to give our undivided attention to our young ladies while providing a chaos-free and quiet shopping environment.