Anna Sikes Shines Bright

Anna Sikes Shines Bright
Written by Dawn Sikes

The day Anna came into this world, I remember every detail! The thing I remember the most was fear! We didn’t know prior to birth that she would have Down syndrome, so we were caught off guard. The excitement and joy of having this beautiful baby girl that my heart had longed for was immediately replaced with fear! I look back now, and I’m sad that I let fear take my special moment and consume me.

I was fearful first and foremost for her health.  I didn’t know If she would have health issues. Every time someone came in our room, it was to tell us about another “possible” issue that they needed to test for...GI, Cardio, Neuro, ENT, you name it...she was tested for it. She beat the odds! Perfect bill of health... but I was still so full of fear.

Fear consumed my thoughts...what would people think of her? Yes, I said it! I was fearful of how she would be treated! There were no other young girls with Down syndrome in our area. Would the kids be nice to her? Would adults be good to her? Well, we have always been surrounded with people who love her. She’s loved by everyone, and if you’re blessed to know her, then you know you are loved right back.

That still wasn’t enough! I was fearful of what she wouldn’t do. You see, I was afraid she would never have the life I wanted for her, but she has the best life...the LIFE that GOD has planned for her! His plans are so much better than ours. Through all of my fears, God has been faithful to me and to Anna.

Our girl has grown into a beautiful young woman. She has accomplished more in her life than most ever do! She has cheered, played softball, participated in pageants, gone to proms, enjoyed homecoming dances, was inducted into the  National Honor Society, received five scholarships and attends college! Everything I feared she wouldn’t do, she has DONE! She works a part time job and also has her own little side job, baking sweets! She’s amazing and the perfect example of how God can replace fear and reveal HIS plan. Have faith! 

This is a journey that I am grateful to be on.  I am so very thankful for the blessing of our Anna! We are each different in our own way. We are all unique, and one thing is for certain, we are fearfully and wonderfully created in HIS image! How great it is to be loved by HIM! I’m certain HE must LOVE me so very much, because HE gave me a gift that I surely am not worthy Anna!

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