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Grace is a young lady with Down syndrome. GracePlace Art is a project aimed towards turning Grace’s artwork into an opportunity for empowerment. Each GracePlace Art purchase allows Grace to practice basic life skills, while also spreading awareness and supporting the community at large. Through sharing her story, Grace hopes to inspire others and promote a culture of kindness and inclusion for all.

Grace’s cards are all created, printed, and packaged in sunny California using the best-tested inks and materials we have found. Grace is hands-on with not only the creative process but the printing and packaging as well! 

Each card collection comes complete with four designs printed on eight cards, packaged in a beautiful kraft box, and ready to be gifted or used, whichever you choose! Bundles of 40, 80, and 120 include all four designs as well, wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with kraft ribbon, a sticker, and lots of love!

We hope that each set will be given and each card sent with the intention of paying it forward and spreading awareness, kindness, and inclusion.